The first Narcissist that I married blind-sided me with his incredible good looks, boyish charm, and the fact that he seemed to adore me as much as I did him. I know now that he was a Covert Narcissist, but at the time I thought he was the love of my life.

Everything about him was what I had always wanted in a man, and the relationship progressed very quickly. Within 6 weeks of knowing each other, we moved in together. Five months after that, we were married.

And that’s when he became decidedly less charming. Unlike the Malignant Narcissist I married later, this narc hubby had a good job and made good money, although he was not good at saving any of it.

Shortly after saying “I do” he no longer talked to me on a regular basis. He ghosted me more often than not, and I was completely baffled by the sudden change in him.

During the times he saw fit to carry on a conversation with me, he let me know that I needed to produce a child for him. That was easier said than done. I had trouble conceiving and ended up taking fertility drugs to get pregnant.

Looking back, there were a few times during the pregnancy that almost seemed like we had a normal relationship. Mostly though, it was not a harmonious household that I was about to bring a child into.

The baby was due Christmas Day of 1995. On Christmas Eve, I began to have labor pains. The narc was working so I was at my parents’ house. They rushed me to the hospital, but there were some major complications.

I had a stroke due to extremely high blood pressure as a result of gestational diabetes, and was taken into surgery for an emergency C-Section. At 8:50 p.m., my first child was born—a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

After my son and I were released from the hospital, things between the narc and me went from bad to worse. When my baby was less than two months old, I moved out of the marital home, taking my baby with me.

It didn’t take long for the narc to execute a rather impressive hoover attempt, and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

The reconciliation wasn’t what I had hoped for. Far from it. Eventually, we split up again and divorced after a little less than 5 years of marriage.

The second Narc was the polar opposite of the first one. He was charming too, but in a much different way.

We were just friends and neighbors for several months before the thought ever occurred to me to see him in a romantic light. He was a cool friend, but not the type of guy I had ever dated.

I didn’t know, of course, that he was pretending to be a cool guy, and was simply biding his time for when he would strike. Long story short, he charmed me and I fell in love with him.

He maintained the facade for several years, but when his mask began to slip, my life became a nightmare. Once again, I found myself with a husband who had become decidedly less charming.

So yes, narcissists can be super charming and convincing at first. So much that I married two of them!!


      1. I go too far, sometimes… and I get in “trouble” for it, often. But, heck, I’m used to getting into trouble. Yep, twisted for sure. 🙃 Ha Ha. 🙃 (People either hate me or love me).

  1. Hey, you look really familiar. (Just kidding…lol). Thank you for finding my bloggish-thing. I followed you back, and look forward to reading your posts. I just read one, right now, on Malignant Narcissism, and I totally get where you’re coming from. Hugs!

      1. Awe, well be careful in that storm, and no need to answer right away, or anything. Don’t want you having to pull over on my account. That was really sweet of you, though. ♥️

        I also added your post about Quora to my Pinterest because I don’t want to forget to go back and check out your answers on there.

        I’m not a member of Quora, but if I need to become a member to read your answers, I might sign up!




        1. You are so cool!! Are you on Instagram? If you are, my username is serenaprince375. There’s a link to my Quora profile with all my answers on my site page on here.
          Plus you can google #serenaprince375 and it’ll take you to some web viewers that you don’t have to sign in to read all my posts.
          I’m so flattered that you want to read more of my work!! You really made my day!! I look forward to reading more of yours!! 💋💋

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