Serena Prince

I’m an INFJ who survived narcissistic abuse.

I personally think being an INFJ is one of the reasons I’ve been able to not only heal from being deeply wounded, but also have begun to thrive!!

I’ve always been able to adapt to difficult situations, and have faced my share of hard times. None of those things compared to the abuse I endured at the hands of narcissists though.

I’ll admit there were plenty of dark days when I wondered if I would ever get over the damage that was done to my spirit and soul. Lots of prayer, self-reflection and stubborn determination, along with insight unique to INFJ ‘s, brought me from the pits of hell to a very good place in life.

People sometimes mistake our sensitive natures for weakness. That’s a mistake itself because INFJ’s are anything but weak.

I’m also now able to use what I have learned about myself, narcissistic abuse, and life in general to help others who are facing what I already survived.

Being gifted in writing and having a strong desire to help others are traits I am blessed with because of my personality type.

Surviving narcissistic abuse helped me learn how to use these gifts in a productive way. It’s a win-win situation. Not a wound that will never heal.

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